This provides all of us a pleasant absolutely nothing Band-Assisting second in which Jin-woo sometimes Mo-eun’s scratched give

This provides all of us a pleasant absolutely nothing Band-Assisting second in which Jin-woo sometimes Mo-eun’s scratched give

His relatives is actually flexible and you can inviting, when you are Mo-eun’s category isn’t recognizing or open-inclined

Jin-woo doesn’t for instance the suggestion but I am not sure if it’s the notion of the new expo otherwise working which have Seo-kyung in person. To date, Seo-kyung is extremely likable. Each date Jin-woo notices their unique he works out a harm youngster. Any kind of dynamic is unfolding, the worries is setting up.

Jin-woo and Mo-eun still build nearer, but there is an event that displays all of us just what Jin-woo try afraid of. We learn he had been bullied during the twelfth grade. As well as a short time he could be started viewing some senior high school children doing, one of exactly who is bullied. Initially, the guy does not collect what’s happening due to the fact the guy cannot tune in to what is actually are told you – although pupil who is becoming bullied thinks you to definitely Jin-woo merely ignoring the new abuse.

Indeed there appear a second when Jin-woo knows the new student is in troubles. When he discovers the fresh new college student in the street, it is simply at the moment whenever he is made a decision to stand-up so you can their bully and you will fight back, but he is gone past an acceptable limit. He’s going to crush new bully having a brick whenever Jin-woo intercedes. The fresh pupil curses Jin-woo to own ignoring the trouble before and you will pushes Mo-eun on crushed before powering out of.

But inaddition it suggests united states just how somebody misunderstand your, and just why he could be scared the anyone he cares regarding the commonly get damage for this. Even in the event this is certainly prior to a bigger event where Mo-eun will get harm, I am afraid to understand.

While Mo-dam and Ji-yoo continue the flirtation – and you may Mo-dam also asks Ji-yoo as their girlfriend and you may earnestly pursues her when she claims no – I find the active lackluster. That these are generally hanging out to each other from inside the wonders, regardless of if, results in an important minute.

The two come upon Mo-eun and you can Jin-woo in the street in order to cover up as to the reasons they have been around to one another, they suggest new four choose for products. It will be the first-time Mo-dam features viewed their sister’s the brand new man in close proximity while he knows that Jin-woo is actually deaf, their entire temperament change. They go to own products and you can Mo-dam weight one at a time, not wanting to engage having Jin-woo.

Ji-yoo, exactly who works in the art gallery which have Jin-woo, attempts to feel amicable but is unwittingly annoying and you can somewhat offending. She serves aside what she actually is seeking say to your, however, their gestures impede their own mouth, thus the guy can’t understand their lips. Mo-eun informs Ji-yoo to dicuss demonstrably and check out him and you will he will getting capable see. Very after that Ji-yoo only conversations, but initiate screaming the their terms.

Once they all the log off, Mo-dam isn’t actually looking to imagine he isn’t bothered (and maybe even ashamed) by the Mo-eun and you may Jin-woo together. He goes out of by himself and you can Mo-eun seems crappy on how the guy acted. So it whole series is really a contrast so you can history week’s desk world, in which it was Mo-eun resting up to that have Jin-woo’s family relations.

It select her finalizing in order to him and try to getting cordial, until Mo-eun says they might be matchmaking

So it gets stark when, not long immediately following, Jin-woo and you will Mo-eun are on a night out together with Ki-hyun and therefore-hee once more and it is packed with companionship. They are all the joking as much as and you can Mo-eun matches right in towards category. Afterward, Mo-eun informs Jin-woo exactly how she accustomed imagine silences required a detrimental state of mind, and thus whether it is silent she thought shameful. Now, she is like each of them are receiving a quiet talk one to never ever ends, and you will she feels they together with her cardiovascular system.

While they’re updates additional Mo-eun’s house, their unique parents arrive unannounced. The mother and father go into the household and you may see dismayed, nevertheless when Mo-eun will come in to their rear, we don’t find whichever dialogue goes down.

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