The latest societal education teacher has an extensive knowledge of brand new personal sciences and recognizes the worth of the social sciences

The latest societal education teacher has an extensive knowledge of brand new personal sciences and recognizes the worth of the social sciences

Analytical Point of views: The fresh new mathematics professor knows the newest historical growth of analytical facts, the fresh new interrelationship between neighborhood and mathematics, the structure out-of mathematics and the growing characteristics of math and you can analytical knowledge

Geometry and you will Dimensions: Brand new math professor knows and you will uses geometry, spatial reasoning, measurement basics and you may standards and technical appropriate to teach the fresh statewide curriculum (Tx Crucial Education and you can Skills [TEKS]) in order to get ready children to make use of mathematics.

Opportunities and you can Analytics: The newest mathematics teacher understands and you may uses chances and you will analytics, the apps and you can technical compatible to coach the newest statewide programs (Texas Very important Studies and you may Feel [TEKS]) to get ready pupils to use math.

Statistical Procedure: The mathematics professor understands and you can spends statistical methods to reasoning statistically, to eliminate statistical issues, to make mathematical relationships contained in this and you will outside mathematics also to discuss mathematically.

Geography: The brand new social studies teacher is applicable expertise in somebody, urban centers and you will environments so you’re able to assists students’ comprehension of geographical relationship inside Colorado, the united states as well as the globe

Analytical Understanding and you may Education: Brand new mathematics professor understands exactly how children discover and develop mathematical event, procedures and you will rules; knows regular mistakes people build; and you will spends this knowledge so you can bundle, plan out thereby applying training; to get to know courses requirements; and to teach most of the people understand and use mathematics.

Statistical Investigations: This new mathematics professor understands comparison and you can spends a variety of official and you will casual comparison techniques appropriate on the learner on a continuous foundation to monitor and guide training also to examine and you may report college student progress.

Top-notch Invention: This new math professor knows mathematics training because a profession, knows the benefits and you may advantages of being an effective reflective specialist and you will understands the significance of and then make an effective lifelong commitment to top-notch increases and you may creativity.

This new personal training professor spends degree and you can knowledge out of public training, as defined by Texas Crucial Degree and Knowledge (TEKS), to help you plan and implement productive programs, education, assessment and you can evaluation.

History: The societal education teacher enforce experience with extreme historical incidents and you can developments, as well as away from several historical interpretations and you can ideas, so you’re able to support pupil knowledge of relationship amongst the prior, the present and also the coming.

Economics: The newest social education teacher understands exactly how anybody organize economic expertise to create, distribute and you can eat products or services and you may spends this knowledge so you can enable pupils to know economic possibilities making advised Disabled dating economic behavior.

Government: The fresh social education professor knows exactly how governing bodies and formations away from electricity means, offer order and you will spend some resources and you can spends this knowledge so you’re able to helps student understanding of exactly how somebody and groups get to its desires by way of political solutions.

Citizenship: The new public training teacher understands citizenship in the united states and you can other societies and uses this knowledge to arrange people to become listed on in our neighborhood thanks to an understanding of democratic standards and you will citizenship means.

Culture: Brand new societal studies teacher understands countries and how they generate and you may adjust and uses this knowledge to enable people to understand and regard social variety during the Colorado, the usa and community.

Technology, Technical and you will People: The brand new social studies teacher knows developments in science and you will tech and you can uses this knowledge to help you support college student comprehension of brand new societal and you will environment consequences of scientific development and you will know-how.

The brand new technology professor takes care of class, career and laboratory items so that the security of the many youngsters together with ethical proper care and you can remedy for organisms and you can specimens.

The newest research teacher understands just how science affects brand new each and every day existence away from students and exactly how technology interacts having and affects private and you will societal behavior.

New research teacher knows and you will knows the latest technology content appropriate so you can train the fresh new statewide classes (Colorado Essential Knowledge and you can Enjoy [TEKS]) in the actual technology.

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